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Russian Permanent Residency by Investment

Qualifying criteria

Investment in the Russian companies from 30.000.000 RUB (~400.000 USD)

The company must be at least 3 years old and pay in taxes not less than 6,000,000 RUB (~USD 80,000)
Preferred option: Investment in the stock of the Russian companies with guaranteed ROI and easy exit strategy
Alternative solution: investment in a private equity
NO "waiting time" before applying for Permanent Residency: application can be submitted once the client met the investment criteria
Assets can be sold, and the investment returned right after the PR is granted

Application process

In order to apply for PR, we recommend to invest in Russian public companies, and purchase a stock with hedge and easy exit strategy

The application process will take approximately 4 months and requires the approval of the Ministry of Economic Development and a personal visit to the Ministry of Home Affairs
Step 9

Once the PR is granted, the investment can be returned

Step 1

Signing the Power of Attorney and appointing the lawyer to act on behalf of the client

Step 2

Signing the agreement with the investment brokerage company in Russia and opening of the broker account

Step 7

Ministry of Home Affairs reviews the application and grants PR

3-4 months
Step 8

Application is approved and PR is granted. Documents are shipped to the client

1 week
Step 4

Make a qualifying investment by purchasing Russian stock with hedge

1 day
Step 5

Obtain the letter of approval from the Ministry of Economic Development

1 month
Step 3

Transferring funds to the funds to the broker account

Step 6
1 week

Application for PR is submitted to the Ministry of Home Affairs. Personal visit is required

1 day

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Other Investment Options

In order to apply for Russian Golden Visa, the foreign investor must be at least 18 years old, in a good health and must not have criminal record

Investment into a socially significant project


Qualifying requirement:
amount of investment

from $ 200,000

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Investment in real estate


Qualifying requirement:
amount of investment

from $ 20 000 annual taxes
for at least 3 years

Business creation

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Qualifying requirement:
amount of taxes paid

from $53 000 annual taxes
for at least 2 years

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